'One of the most dedicated, knowledgeable trainers I have met. Understands each clients needs and adapts training and diet to suit. Great to chat to and really inspirational in her own training.'

Mark Newman

If in doubt just do it, I would definitely recommend having Danni as a PT. I had been training for a year and had made some decent progress but felt I'd hit a plateau, but Danni has definitely helped me overcome this. She's given me sustainable nutritional advice which is regularly tweaked and the changes have left me with much more energy, a vigorous yet more enjoyable training programme and she's also massively helped me build up my confidence in the gym. I look forward to each session with her and cannot recommend her enough!!

Hannah Cowling

Danni is an amazing coach! I have learnt so much from her over the past couple of months and can't thank her enough. She is always there to provide support and advise whenever you need it and is very knowledgable. I have seen so much progress in just two months and have loved my training. You couldn't ask for a more supportive coach who cares so much about each individual client. Would recommend to anyone whether it's to improve your fitness or for competition coaching.

Georgia McAleavey

I’ve seen better results from 9 weeks with Danni than I did 9 months with my last coach. She’s amazing! Friendly, approachable, so incredibly knowledgeable and she really cares about you and your progress. I feel like Danni’s only client (and I’m obviously not) I can ask her anything and send her all of my workout videos and she replies with thorough advice really quickly. I was a bit hesitant to move to an online coach because I liked physically being with a trainer but I couldn’t feel more different now. Danni isn’t just a coach she’s technically brilliant, her knowledge amazes me every time I speak to her. I know I’m in the safest hands I could be with Danni and I feel very lucky to be able to say that.

Amy Whitehouse

I was looking to take PT sessions to give me a kick start in fitness. I wanted to train with a PT who would support & motivate me throughout the process. I came across Danni on Instagram and saw her daily posts & how motivational and positive she was and is! That's when I knew she was the right PT for me! She was there to push, motivate & encourage me throughout the process. She would also go out of her way to give me feedback on nutrition and exercise execution! I enjoyed every moment of the sessions Danni provided, and if anyone is interested in getting pushed to their limits & being motivated constantly then Danni is the one to do it!

Reba Khatun

I've been training with Danni now as an online client for about 7 months and I could not be happier with my progress with her!

Previously I was killing myself with HIIT style classes, injured and under eating for the level of activity I was doing. I now train 4 times per week with all of my training sessions programmed for me so I can walk into the gym with a plan which is 100% tailored to my goals. Danni answers any questions you have and checks form via whatsapp to ensure you're training safely! We have two in-depth check ins per week to run through how things are going and make any adjustments to training and macros.

In terms of nutrition, she has taught me so much about eating for performance! I'm stronger, have more energy and overall could not recommend Danni's services more!

Emma Butler

I've been training with Danni over the summer and cannot thank her enough for her continuous support and constant positive attitude. Danni has helped me feel confident enough to go to the gym on my own, taught me how to follow a nutrition plan whilst still being able to enjoy my food and finally use different types of equipment which I never would have gone near before. I've loved having her as my PT as she has made me feel at ease with every session as well as motivating me to keep wanting to push myself more. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all Danni's clients' when I say she is very caring and hard working with everyone and I couldn't recommend a better person to have as a PT x

Holly Kay

An incredibly understanding coach, not only checking in with you on a regular basis but genuinely cares about your mental wellbeing as well as coaching you on your physical goals...'just a small female trying to spread a little positivity and help people improve their quality of life'. I think that speaks for itself, Danni is a one in a million coach.

Beth Moore

I've been training with Danni for a couple of months and can't believe the change in my body! I have so much more confidence now and feel so much better in myself. Can't recommend her enough!!!

Natasha Jones

I have been training with Danni for over 11 months and I could not recommend her highly enough. She has shown me how to increase my strength, improve body composition without starving myself for fat loss. I have learnt so much during my time with her both with nutrition, training and with my mental attitude - fab personal trainer xxx

Penny Walters

I have been training with Danni for just over a year. This is the longest I have ever stuck at exercise!

Prior to having personal training sessions with Danni I was going to the gym and mainly doing cardio. I felt uncomfortable using the machines and weights as I didn't have a clue how to use them. I didn't see any changes to my body composition which is why I started training with Danni.

I see Danni for an hour a week. She has written a training program which I do on my own 3 times per week.

Danni is always available for advice and has set up a WhatsApp group for all of her clients which is good fun and a source of motivation/advice. I've had back surgery twice and Danni has been brilliant in helping me ensure my form is correct and adapting exercises as needed. I highly recommend her.

Nicola Newton

Danni is professional, kind, friendly and so knowledgable. She goes above and beyond during sessions and with advice, help and a listening ear in between sessions. She puts 100% into everything and is just an all round fabulous coach & person!

Sarah Metcalfe

Working with Danni has not only helped me achieve my health and fitness goals but also changed my mindset when it comes to my relationship with my body. I couldn't recommend her enough!xx

Alex Jones


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