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Week 1 of my current Diet Break

Week 1 of my ~4 week controlled (still tracking accurately with specific macros) diet break complete almost complete (I started Monday) and my physique looks much better for it.

You don’t need to know my exact scale weight but I’m 1lb up this morning from my lowest weigh in so far. My scale weight initially 👆🏻 by 2lbs and I held that all week (on the dot) but seems to have decreased a touch this morning which could just be a normal fluctuation.

The goal of this diet break in terms of body composition is to stick at maintenance.

However, in most cases you will

see an initial increase in scale weight when transitioning to maintenance or a surplus after being in a deficit. This is normal, and it’s not body fat.

It can cause people to panic and make the incorrect decision of pulling food back down, as they automatically think the increase is body fat when in reality it’s mostly just muscle glycogen (which is a good thing and you will look better for muscle glycogen stores being more saturated) and food volume.

My physique looks much more alive for it, I’m getting a much better pump when I train, I’ve had more energy for training as a whole and mentally it’s been really nice to have an increase in food and therefore more flexibility with food sources after dieting since mid February so far. I will also likely see some physiological benefits to this diet break in regards to reversing some hormonal adaptations to dieting. This is important for me as I may not be stepping on stage until October time now (hoping for the best).

I am currently coaching myself