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The Importance Of Having Realistic Expectations

The importance of setting yourself up with realistic expectations.

The above is often overlooked, but such a good thing to do and continually audit in my opinion.

You probably need to demand a fair bit of yourself if you strive for hefty goals, but if your expectations of yourself are too high and you consistently fail to reach them, you’re not setting yourself to feel fulfilled, happy and successful.

You may go through periods of time where factors outside of your control impact your ability to make progress towards whatever your goal may be, and because of this it’s smart to re-assess your expectations of yourself and set them relative to the conditions you have available to you in order to avoid I appropriate frustration and disappointment.

An example of that is now.

Most of us don’t have ‘optimal’ conditions to train, and therefore we are likely not going to see progress with hypertrophy at the rate we would when training at the gym.

This is absolutely ok, and it’s important that you take this into account when analysing your own progress.

All you can ever do is give your own personal 100% given YOUR circumstances.

No two people are the same, no two people have the same conditions, we are not all in the same phases of our lives, we all have different goals to achieve and different plates to spin ❤️