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Making Progress With Training During Quarantine

The skill element of training.

Another thing we can work on, in order to still make some form of progress during lockdown..even if we have minimal equipment or just body weight to play with.

Progress with your ability to execute each individual exercise.

Gain more control over every movement.

Develop the ability to form and maintain a mind-muscle connection.

Work on your breathing during sets.

Learn how to effectively brace where appropriate.

Perfect your foot positioning, your hand placement, the angles of your body.

Learn how to manipulate an exercise to bias a particular muscle group.

Find better ways of preparing yourself for an effective training session - both physically and mentally. Find what best prepares you as an individual.

Progress doesn’t just = increasing load, or number of reps.

Improve the effectiveness of each and every rep, and reap the rewards of doing so ☺️